Different Kinds of Leather Kids Shoes and Shoe Fastenings

Different Kinds of Leather Kids Shoes and Shoe Fastenings

Leather Kids Shoes

Leather Kids Shoes are a common item and they are popular among parents and guardians. This is because they are solid, long lasting, and look amazing on kids’ feet. So leather shoes have different types of fastenings and these depend on the brand, the style or the quality of leather. Below are different types of leather shoe fastenings

Types of Leather Shoes


Leather Kids Dress boots

Kids dress boots are a great accessory to get for your kids. They are great for both boys and girls. Boots are high fashion these days, so have a pair of leather ones around that you can put on your kids for going out in the cold weather months. Treat them meticulously with mink oil and leather conditioner like the badass pieces of fine-crafted footwear that they are and these shoes every man needs will last longer than most relationships. Arguably, one of the most important parts of a toddler’s outfit is their shoes. Besides the style factor, it is very important that they fit right and are solid because toddlers play and run around all the time. If their shoes are too tight, too loose, too narrow, or too wide can cause damage to the toddler’s feet which grow rapidly and it might even cause problems going into adulthood. Because children’s feet grow so fast, you should get their feet measured every time you buy them new shoes, particularly school shoes, which they’ll most likely wear more than any other of their shoes. Research has shown that the average child will take about a million steps in their school shoes.


Every kid at some point needs a pair of loafers. They are great for family outings and serve as semi-formal shoes that can be used in different occasions.They are also very comfortable and will leave your kids looking sharp and well put together. They Are also easy to put on and take off and are easy to clean. Loafers don’t usually come in leather but you definitely can find a pair of leather loafers for your kids that will fit just right.

Different Types of Shoe Fastenings

As mentioned, there are so many styles of shoes out there and so many fastenings, some different types of fastenings are:

  1. Buttons
  2. Hook & Eye
  3. Laces
  4. Buckles
  5. Zippers
  6. Snap Fasteners
  7. Poppers
  8. Toggles
  9. Velcro

Leather Kids’ Shoes With Velcro Fastenings

Shoes with velcro fastening are one of the easiest styles of shoes for kids as they can easily take them off and on. This is great for small toddlers who are just learning to take care of some of their needs like carrying their bag, take off their shirts and yes, take off their shoes too. They are great for giving your toddlers a little bit of independence which they need for when they start school and this also helps build their confidence. How cute! Velcro shoes can be worn as school shoes, or play shoes. Velcro fastenings can also be put on summer sandals that can be worn to the swimming pool and lake. The choice of styles with an easy Velcro fastening is huge. When the warm months come around and they want to be outdoors in the garden or playing on the beach, Velcro fastening sandals are perfect as they can be easily removed should they want to jump in the paddling pool or the sea. With many styles designed with a double Velcro strap, with one going around their ankle you can rest assured they will be secure to their little feet.

Despite the several advantages of velcro fastenings, there are some disadvantages that come with using velcro.

Not enough support: Velcro usually does not provide enough support or room for adjustment as other fastenings (like laces or buckles) do. To have as much support as possible, make sure they are out on tight and your toddler’s feet are laid on perfectly in their leather shoes.

Leather Kids’ Shoes with Buckle Fastening

As kids start to get older, they start to outgrow velcro fastening shoes and they could start to look babyish and inappropriate on an older kids shoes. This is when you can start switching to buckle fastening shoes.

Buckle fastenings offer your children a smart look that will also help to keep their shoes secure on their feet and they are great for school. They fit well with school uniforms and school outfits. This is a classic fastening that can be dated back as far as Ancient Rome, where soldiers would use them to keep their own shoes safely on their feet. During the 15th century they became more readily available and today they are a popular and trusted fastening. They also come in the form of sandals, which are the famous gladiator sandals that look great on both kids and even adults. Buckles are super easy to adjust, however, toddlers and younger children might find them too fiddly to deal with which is why we would advise that you help them when it comes to fastening.  They do offer accurate tightness to their feet although over time they can become loose so it’s always best to keep an eye on that as you don’t want them to slip off your kids’ feet, however as we mentioned before a little extra room can be a good thing as their feet can grow quickly.

There are many styles that use buckles as a fastening and one of the most popular is a T-bar shoe, these are a fantastic style for your little girl to wear for the new school term, they are super smart and offer a grown-up look that would be perfect for a girl going into secondary school.

Buckles also look great with fancy leather shoes and sparkly party shoes. For added security, there is usually a strap that crosses over the feet. For those long hot Summer holidays, sandals with buckles offer a bit more security if you are taking them on a nature trail or for a walk in the park, they really add a lovely nod to the bygone era and with cute Prince George of the royal family is seen in buckled sandals, they seem to be making a bit of a comeback. Buckles also offer more decorations on winter boots when fashion tends to take a back seat.

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